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Day 5 Fat Loss

Day 5 fat loss!


There is something common between you and me that whenever we want to reduce our weight we believe in cardio or hard workouts.


But the fact is the body needs rest and more volume in the workout in minimum time


That’s why I like HIIT workouts so much.

Especially when they are attached to full-body workouts.

Here are 3 benefits of a full-body workout

  1. More impact on fat loss
  2. Improve metabolism
  3. Improve body toning in minimum time


So give some time to your Full body workout also.


Day 4 Fat Loss

Day 4 Fat loss! 

Day 4 Fat loss!


There is something common between you and me that we all have 24 hrs


But how we spend them is important.


I did 5 times workout in the gym along with my meditation. Lost 800 g of body fat.


It is always actions that are most important.


At the time of weight loss, you need to make your mind with a winning attitude and have a cheat meal in breakfast (about 1 bowl or 200g) anything. Before noon.


These 3 concepts will help you to achieve your fitness.

  1. Concentrate on nutrition and calorie deficit.
  2. Always measure your food. Use bowls to measure on plates.
  3. Have more veggies along with the food (about 2 bowls with each meal).


If you apply these laws then you will see that weight loss is easy.




Day 3 fat loss

Day 3 Fat loss!


My weight was up today to 300 g!


Once your weight goes up it can be shocking news for anyone.


But not for me.


I know this thing that many changes come in water weight.

Every time we can not say that today I gain weight.


Every week body goes into different phases. That’s why there is a zig-zag pattern in weight every day if compare but.


You need to compare your weight week vise.


My calculation of weight is Tuesday to Tuesday.


I measure my weight every day it motivates me to be on track.


But I believe in results of weekly weight.


How much weight I have lost in my week is important.

Our body has many weights like – water weight, Muscle weight, Weight of hair, the weight of jeans. Or your clothing. How do you measure your weight?


Even if I will reduce 500 g of Fat then I will be happy.


There is another reason also I gain my weight.


  1. I took a 4 TB spoon of extra chocolate peanut butter.
  2. I did so much cardio – 30 minute Zumba in the morning with my community and 45-minute cross trainer and cycling in the gym.
  3. I took my lunch at 3.30 pm and dinner at 9.30 pm. My usual time of lunch is 1 pm and 7.30 pm is dinner time.


Maybe it could be the reason.

Don’t make the above mistakes!


Now I will mentain my discipline today.


As you can compare that we all have the same problems but how you think and what action you take is important with the right knowledge.


And I won’t do any hard cardio from now on.


This was my story of 23 July 21


What is yours?

Day 2 fat loss

Day 2 fat loss!


There is something common between you and me that

Whenever we want to lose weight we are in hurry.


We don’t think that it took years to reach the position where we are standing right now.

And now we want to have a fast result.


There are some ways to get fit like the Keto diet and intermittent fasting but


You need to give at least 6 months for your transformation if you are doing it for the first time.


I have started again my journey to lose fat from 20% to 15% fat in the next 40 days. But it will take some time for me also to achieve my desire body.


I give my time to my diet preparation and workouts. With discipline.


Day 2 was of full body weight lifting workouts.


Give some time to your diet preparations it will make your journey easy.


If I can do then you can too.

Fat Loss Day 1

Day 1 Fat loss!


I still remember that I use to join those coaches or dieticians who themselves were not fit.

It was good marketing but had no promising results.


But I am not that type of Coach.


Whatever I do for my fitness I share with my students.

My programs are practically worked on me then I suggest my clients apply to them.

As per their requirement ( Beginner or Advanced)


Just I have finished my “diet break” and now I am doing my program of

“Fat loss”


I am not fatty.


But to improve my muscles and body definition I need to come less than 15% body fat.


As of now, I am on 20% of body fat.


My fat loss program included body mobility and “weight lifting”


The above image is of my Gym!


I had just finished my cycling and a 15-minute brisk walk and 8 sets of “Kettle ball”


The first day is always tuff!


I will keep you update that how I have managed my fat loss program and how I have managed my diet routine and workout routine.


How psychologically I have won this battle of “Fat loss”


If I can do then you can too.

Three Foundations of Eating!

Three foundations of Eating!



I still remember that I use to eat countless Parathas without thinking that my stomach is full but still I am having because of its taste.

The result was a long-lasting belly fat with me for more than 30 years.


Yes, I am 38 years old but I struggled a lot to lose weight.


But now I know the secret that how much I am eating and how much I need to have.


If you will apply these three laws of eating then you will see that fitness is “Automatic”


  1. How much you eat- try to serve yourself in bowls and have different varieties of nutrients no single nutrient. Have protein. Carbs and Fats are always together.


  1. What you eat- simply avoid Sugar and Fatty foods. And include complex carbs and Omega 3 fatty acid food.


  1. When you eat – if you are into your weight loss journey then focus on completing your meals by 8 pm anyhow. Your timing plays a vital role in your fitness journey.


Now I know that having Cauliflower Paratha can cause me to have 250 calories and I can adjust it into my daily requirement.


If I can do then you can too.

How to start your weight loss journey!


How to start your weight loss journey!


Imagine for a moment that you achieve your weight loss tomorrow.


Will you respect it.


The answer is no!

The journey will make you the person you want to be.

Now, what is the first thing you need to do?

  1. Have meals 5 times a day. Include midday meals and evening snacks.
  2. Include protein every time into your diet. No protein no eating.
  3. Finish your dinner by 8 pm anyhow.


You will find that after applying these things only you will start losing weight.