Day 3 Fat loss!


My weight was up today to 300 g!


Once your weight goes up it can be shocking news for anyone.


But not for me.


I know this thing that many changes come in water weight.

Every time we can not say that today I gain weight.


Every week body goes into different phases. That’s why there is a zig-zag pattern in weight every day if compare but.


You need to compare your weight week vise.


My calculation of weight is Tuesday to Tuesday.


I measure my weight every day it motivates me to be on track.


But I believe in results of weekly weight.


How much weight I have lost in my week is important.

Our body has many weights like – water weight, Muscle weight, Weight of hair, the weight of jeans. Or your clothing. How do you measure your weight?


Even if I will reduce 500 g of Fat then I will be happy.


There is another reason also I gain my weight.


  1. I took a 4 TB spoon of extra chocolate peanut butter.
  2. I did so much cardio – 30 minute Zumba in the morning with my community and 45-minute cross trainer and cycling in the gym.
  3. I took my lunch at 3.30 pm and dinner at 9.30 pm. My usual time of lunch is 1 pm and 7.30 pm is dinner time.


Maybe it could be the reason.

Don’t make the above mistakes!


Now I will mentain my discipline today.


As you can compare that we all have the same problems but how you think and what action you take is important with the right knowledge.


And I won’t do any hard cardio from now on.


This was my story of 23 July 21


What is yours?