Day 4 Fat loss! 

Day 4 Fat loss!


There is something common between you and me that we all have 24 hrs


But how we spend them is important.


I did 5 times workout in the gym along with my meditation. Lost 800 g of body fat.


It is always actions that are most important.


At the time of weight loss, you need to make your mind with a winning attitude and have a cheat meal in breakfast (about 1 bowl or 200g) anything. Before noon.


These 3 concepts will help you to achieve your fitness.

  1. Concentrate on nutrition and calorie deficit.
  2. Always measure your food. Use bowls to measure on plates.
  3. Have more veggies along with the food (about 2 bowls with each meal).


If you apply these laws then you will see that weight loss is easy.