Three Foundations of Eating!

Three Foundations of Eating!

Three foundations of Eating!



I still remember that I use to eat countless Parathas without thinking that my stomach is full but still I am having because of its taste.

The result was a long-lasting belly fat with me for more than 30 years.


Yes, I am 38 years old but I struggled a lot to lose weight.


But now I know the secret that how much I am eating and how much I need to have.


If you will apply these three laws of eating then you will see that fitness is “Automatic”


  1. How much you eat- try to serve yourself in bowls and have different varieties of nutrients no single nutrient. Have protein. Carbs and Fats are always together.


  1. What you eat- simply avoid Sugar and Fatty foods. And include complex carbs and Omega 3 fatty acid food.


  1. When you eat – if you are into your weight loss journey then focus on completing your meals by 8 pm anyhow. Your timing plays a vital role in your fitness journey.


Now I know that having Cauliflower Paratha can cause me to have 250 calories and I can adjust it into my daily requirement.


If I can do then you can too.

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