Day 1 Fat loss!


I still remember that I use to join those coaches or dieticians who themselves were not fit.

It was good marketing but had no promising results.


But I am not that type of Coach.


Whatever I do for my fitness I share with my students.

My programs are practically worked on me then I suggest my clients apply to them.

As per their requirement ( Beginner or Advanced)


Just I have finished my “diet break” and now I am doing my program of

“Fat loss”


I am not fatty.


But to improve my muscles and body definition I need to come less than 15% body fat.


As of now, I am on 20% of body fat.


My fat loss program included body mobility and “weight lifting”


The above image is of my Gym!


I had just finished my cycling and a 15-minute brisk walk and 8 sets of “Kettle ball”


The first day is always tuff!


I will keep you update that how I have managed my fat loss program and how I have managed my diet routine and workout routine.


How psychologically I have won this battle of “Fat loss”


If I can do then you can too.