How to start your weight loss journey!


How to start your weight loss journey!


Imagine for a moment that you achieve your weight loss tomorrow.


Will you respect it.


The answer is no!

The journey will make you the person you want to be.

Now, what is the first thing you need to do?

  1. Have meals 5 times a day. Include midday meals and evening snacks.
  2. Include protein every time into your diet. No protein no eating.
  3. Finish your dinner by 8 pm anyhow.


You will find that after applying these things only you will start losing weight.



Health Update!

Rice is a weight loss Super Food!

Rice is a weight loss  Super Food!


It can be surprising for some people but it is true!


I remember that in the year 2000 I stop taking rice.


I use to believe that rice can make me overweight.


But I was wrong.


Although at times I wanted to have rice I have killed my desire in the name of



But since I have acquired knowledge about food and fitness I rarely remember a day when I don’t take rice.


There are 3 main benefits of having rice.

  1. It has probiotics that help in good digestion
  2. It has food volume that’s why we feel full more
  3. It has good sources of fiber which we need at the time of the “Weight loss journey”


So don’t kill your hunger and enjoy rice.



Health Update

And I said What!

And I said what!


I remember that I have been changing dietician and coaches


But I was not getting any result.


Once I have joined my USA courses I have found out that “reverse dieting”


And I said what?


It is a science which helps people to achieve their fitness through by increasing their diet.


It is a piece of good news for those people who eat less and who eat less than 1000 calories in a day.


But still, you need to understand that you need to eat less than your requirement.


But for some time only!


Understand the science and learn the art of dieting and fitness.