Festivals and overweight problem.


Festivals and overweight problem.


I still remember that every time any festival use to give me two emotions

One is excitement and another is scared of food.


I have been doing weight loss practice for so long and the weight plateau is not moving for so long.

Now the “Rakshabandhan is here” and I will gain weight if I enjoy my festival. – Maybe you are thinking like this.


Let me give you free advice that enjoys your festivals.


Once you enjoy your festival ask yourself one question only that


Was I hungry at the time of the festival?


The answer is “yes”


If you are not feeling hungry then why you were having sweets like the last day of eating.


Fitness is simple that you don’t feel like having junk food. Because you are full of nutrition.


Then how to manage festivals nutritionally.

  1. Chew your whole food and enjoy every bite because the next bite is having the same taste.
  2. Have your protein first before you leave your home.
  3. Simply have some water before your meals because the same part of the mind instructs us to have hunger but we don’t analyze that is the thrust or hunger.

Again don’t deprive yourself of any kind of food. Because it is not because of food you are overweight.


It is because of an unhealthy lifestyle.


Happy Rakshabandhan!

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